About me...

  • I've been involved (writing, managing, and/or administering) in grants (Federal and State) funding since 2009. So I know grants from the funder's perspective, the evaluator's perspective, and the writer's perspective.
  • I've been actively developing grant proposals for local government since January of 2016. In the first 2.5 years, I had a better than 90% success rate.
  • After my first $1,000,000 in funding (within the first year), my boss told me I could pick my own title - just not officially. "Grant Pirate" sort of stuck.
  • Grants are my full-time professional job for my full-time employer. Grant Pirate Consulting is something I have picked up on the side due to the demand of local nonprofits who need help.
  • My 'first mate' in the picture on your left is my daughter, Adelheid. Don't let the adorableness fool you - she's exceptionally pirate-y.

Before all that...

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Azusa Pacific University (2004). Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetorical Theory in cognate with Political Science